THALASSA - Uomini e Mare
ITA, 2012, 26' -
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THALASSA - Uomini e Mare - a documentary which highlights the relationship between the technological escalation related to fishery on one side, and the decline of traditional fishing on the other. The location chosen is the region of Syracuse, in Sicily, which provides further cues for reflection due to the industrial development the city had undergone from the Fifties onwards, another cause for the decline of traditional fishing in the region.

Documentary by MySyracusae
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Neas (trailer) - Collana MySiracusa
ITA, 2011, 35' - Watch full movie

Old and new Noto. The old town is one of the world's most unique archaeological treasures.The new town is one of the most precious examples of Sicilian baroque art. Both towns share a common heritage: their people. Beset by the forces of Nature over the centuries, they always managed to start over. Nearby are the old tuna fishing grounds of Portopalo and Marzamemi, and the Vendicari reserve. To explore these sites and their history is to understand how people lived and worked in one of Sicily's most illustrious towns.

Trailer by MySyracusae
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Ortygia (trailer) - Collana MySiracusa
ITA, 2010, 30' - Watch full movie

The cultural heritage of the Mediterranean told through the history of the Magna Grecia's most important colony: Syracuse.
Its inner city – the island of Ortygia, covers a leading role in this fascinating journey which explores the 28 centuries of its history, underlining the influences left by the multiple foreign domination in the island, still visible nowadays in various arts and local craftsmanships.

Trailer by MySyracusae
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Il Castello Maniace (trailer) - Collana MySiracusa
ITA, 2009, 20' - Watch full movie

A journey through the glorious ages of the city of Syracuse as relived through the history of its monument-symbol, the Castle of Maniace.
Imposing creations of the classical age, elements of Swabian, Imperial and Byzantine architecture, all merge into a single thread that links us today with the Bourbons and the House of Savoy - all reflected in the Castle built by Frederick II Hohenstaufen.

Trailer by MySyracusae
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